Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lookbook: Holiday Style - Formal Night

Dress - Warehouse
Belt - H&M
Clutch - ASOS
Shoes - Topshop
Bracelet (not seen) - H&M

Days at sea on the cruise ship normally meant formal nights, a chance to dress up and be a bit glittery. I chose to go bright but not overly dressy, as I'm not a dressy kind of person. I sound this dress and wore it the week before the cruise for the wedding I went to. 

Days at sea normally meant time to relax and recharge your batteries from all the trips and exploring you did while you were on the islands. So lots of book reading, sunbathing and swimming in the pool. There were so many activities on board though that if you still had some energy left you could go and do something inside to be out of the sun.

Looking down onto the atrium, there were two performers singing this night.

We had a deck party, lots of good music (or the Euro cup on the big screen if dancing wasn't your thing) and dancing until the early hours.

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