Wednesday, 25 April 2012

SS12 Hair - Braids and Buns

Okie-dokie! Last 2 Hair trends to go over. And these are probably my favourite. So let’s start with braids. I love braids, full-stop. They make any hairstyle interesting, from simple to difficult, and with so many different ways of doing them from fishtail, traditional, French braiding, and 5 stranded (which I haven’t attempted yet but looked really cool) you can never really get bored. The Valentino catwalk went with braided crowns with a whispy finish. However you wear yours you can’t really go wrong.

Buns and Top knots are the last to look over; although they have been round for a while they’re still going strong. Whether it is messy or smooth the fash-pack loves them. Worn plain, braided, with volume, you can go from a simple down time style to a night out style in a minute. They can be worn funky or demure and so are ideal for any situation. Depending on your face shape depends on where you will want to wear your bun to keep balance.

Below you’ll find links to some tutorials, and if you want inspiration your can always check out my Pinterest boards, or THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT and their Pinterest.

Have Fun! Let me see your marvellous creations.
Emmie xo

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Earth Day - More Eco-Chic Brands

Happy Earth Day! After my earlier post about Eco-Chic, I decided some more digging into Eco-friendly fashion brands was in order and I have a list of a few and some online retailers that sell them. ASOS have their own “Green Room” with their Eco-brands, including one of my guilty pleasure shoe brands Melissa; they make me feel like I’m a kid again wearing jelly shoes, though granted uber-comfy and stylish jelly shoes. So imagine my delight when I discover they are environmentally friendly and made from sustainable plastics. 

Find the following Brands on ASOS's Green Room.
Melissa (also avaliable on Amazon and Nonnon)
People Tree (and their official website is here)

Other brands I discovered on my little jaunt around the internet to find Eco-chic brands were,

Annie Greenabelle  (also on Topshop just select her on the left hand side)

Its nice to see companies really starting to embrace being environmentally sustainable, Fairtade and even animal cruelty free. I haven't had time to research beauty companies yet really but if you know any and want to share the links I'd be grateful. 

For More information on Earth Day please visit their website.

Emmie xo

Thursday, 19 April 2012

SS12 Hair - Vintage Vixens

Retro re-takes are the second set of hair style trends that I noticed popping up on the catwalks. Which seems apt really since it’s the year of the Queens jubilee, everything you see on TV and in Magazines refers to it at the moment. So victory rolls, finger waves, rag curling and chignons are having a moment. I love the quirky looks that I see people adding to their everyday style by changing up their hair, and believe that hair can really make or break an outfit.

Victory rolls like the ones above work really well on any length hair, especially when it has texture. Styles that are held up with bobby pins will always lest longer if they have something to grip to so if you lightly tease/backcomb your hair in the places where you are pinning it will give it a really solid foundation for your style. 

Chignons are great for mid to longer lengths of hair, they are also known as rolls and can be either vertical (centre) or horizontal (sides). I found a couple of Tutorials on Horizontal rolls to help out from THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT again a photographic tutorial and a video which is good for short hair. 

Let me know if you try these out, and send me pictures or links.

Emmie xo

Monday, 16 April 2012

Birthday Shopping Haul.

Yesterday I went on a girlie shopping day with my mum and sister to Nottingham. I had some birthday money to spend so I took myself into Topshop and treated myself to a few bits I’d had on my wish-list for a while.

I got myself a denim shirt, a white embroidered dress with a V-neck top, some white summer shoes and a pair of beige brogues that I thought would go nicely with skirts and trousers. Normally shoe wise I buy black but I decided I needed some lighter colours in my wardrobe for summer. I really love white for summer this year too, I seem to be buying lots of it.

I love the denim shirt because it is so soft and I can do an androgynous look or use it as a cover up in the summer tied at the waist. I may even try double denim looks to see if I can pull it off. My last treat was a nail polish called ‘Pool Party’ which made me think of the Tiffany box colour when I saw it, so I’m hoping to try a manicure I saw using that as inspiration now I have it.

Thats my birthday haul. Hope you like it. I'm really excited about trying to wear them every-which-way I can think of, I'll try and post some pictures when i do.

Emmie xo

Saturday, 14 April 2012

SS12 Hair - Parting Waves...

Springs is really starting to pop up all around us, though unfortunately in the UK the weather this month is really living up to its label of ‘April Showers’. So as a little something to brighten my day I’ve taken to looking into the Spring-Summer hair trends. There are six main trends which we can mix and match across each other as well to give you a wealth of choice and variation so we need never wear the same hair too often! I’m going to break them down over the next few days and show two at a time, as I’m a little sparse on time at the moment.

An easy way to change up your style if you are not too savvy with your hair is to change your parting. The Spring-Summer catwalks liked to have a deep side parting, even if it was tied back in a low pony. Make sure your parting is neat by using a tail comb on slightly damp hair and then style.

Waves this season are soft and loose. I believe the best waves are styled with a tong rather than by curling with straighteners. The tongs make it soft and not too tight, more of a Hollywood glam type of curl which is having a huge moment at the moment on the heels of films like ‘My Week With Marylin’. Now if you struggle with tonging your hair, or have simply never tried and want some advice I find this tutorial from THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT really helpful.
If you have natural curls or waves, add a salt spray to your hair and let it dry naturally, then if needed tong to perfect your curls. Girls with straight, fine or limp hair may want to invest in some heated rollers or alternatively go vintage and pin curl your hair post tonging to help set the style. Your main weapons of choice will be a nice soft moose to dry with to add hold and a setting spray while curling. 

Hope you are all looking forward to embracing theses trends as much as me. I'd love to see a photo if you do try them.

Emmie xo

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Hello all! I figured that since I’ve taken up blogging it would be a good front to get some awareness out, and learn something for myself, about what we can all do to help our planet, especially since we only have one!  With Earth Day (or week, depending on where you live) coming up I thought I’d look into Eco-Friendly Fashion.

There are already many companies that support an Eco-Friendly way of producing fashion, and many celebrities that choose to only wear Eco-Friendly fashion. So what exactly is Eco-Chic?
From what I can gather from many hours of researching for this post on the internet, Eco-Fashion and Fair-trade often seem to go hand-in-hand, looking for the best ways to care for the environment, the working conditions and pay of the people making the products and the health of those who buy the product.
The clothes are usually made from organic materials, so that they are grown without the assistance of pesticides, and do not use harmful chemicals and/or bleaches to colour the fabric. They can also be made from recycled and reused textiles and even recycled plastic bottles. Clothes are also made to last longer, so that we aren’t throwing away clothes as often through poorly made or sourced fabrics.

People Tree are one such company that I have always know to do this, and more designers seem to be jumping on the band wagon. Orla Kierly, whose designs I loved at fashion week, does a small collection of printed dresses, skirts and tops for people tree, all environmentally friendly and fair-trade sourced.

Now if I have any of my statements here wrong please let me know.

What Eco-Fashion sites do you like? And how do you try to be ‘Green’?

Emmie xo

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend. Hope whatever you are all doing you are enjoying yourselves. For me this weekend has extra Joy in that it was my Birthday on Friday. Unfortunately I'm rather lacking in gifts to be able to show to you all, birthdays seem to get pretty sparse as you get older, and with only 2 presents to show it won't really be worth it

The long weekend is giving my time off to recharge my batteries and stick my head into a good book, which I don't often do but since I couldn't get my nose out of this one I know I enjoyed it. Today I finished the first book in 'The Hunger Games' Trilogy, and must say its a compelling read. I love how its written from Katniss's perspective, you really get a feel for her a as a character and get pulled in to read more. I saw the film when it came out and was urged by friends to read the book and it has not disappointed. 
If you have read the books let me know what you think, I'm going to start 'Catching Fire' tomorrow. But whatever your Easter plans are make sure you enjoy yourselves.

Emmie xo

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Prints Charming

There are so many wonderful prints on the high street at the moment that its hard not to part with my hard earned pennies. With an amazing selection from dots to Aztec, tropical and not forgetting a springs old trustworthy standard of florals its hard to decide which you want to wear first. I've gathered a few images of some of the prints on the web to make it easier for you to decide.

Seeing Spots?
Floral Fancies
Hot Tropical
Embellished Beauties
Aztec and Ikat Brights

I've already started adding some Aztec and Ikat prints to my wardrobe. Normally I shy away from prints but there is something about them this year that pulls me towards them more, whether its just the use of bright colours that is making my eyes want to wake from winter grey and spring into the light I'm not sure but I'm looking forward to pulling them on and stepping into the sun.

Will you be wearing prints this spring?

Emmie xo
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