Wednesday, 25 April 2012

SS12 Hair - Braids and Buns

Okie-dokie! Last 2 Hair trends to go over. And these are probably my favourite. So let’s start with braids. I love braids, full-stop. They make any hairstyle interesting, from simple to difficult, and with so many different ways of doing them from fishtail, traditional, French braiding, and 5 stranded (which I haven’t attempted yet but looked really cool) you can never really get bored. The Valentino catwalk went with braided crowns with a whispy finish. However you wear yours you can’t really go wrong.

Buns and Top knots are the last to look over; although they have been round for a while they’re still going strong. Whether it is messy or smooth the fash-pack loves them. Worn plain, braided, with volume, you can go from a simple down time style to a night out style in a minute. They can be worn funky or demure and so are ideal for any situation. Depending on your face shape depends on where you will want to wear your bun to keep balance.

Below you’ll find links to some tutorials, and if you want inspiration your can always check out my Pinterest boards, or THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT and their Pinterest.

Have Fun! Let me see your marvellous creations.
Emmie xo

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