Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday, Sunny Sunday

So we've been having some pretty great weather this last week in the UK and to be honest its about time. So I spent some time up in the Peaks with my friend at Dovedale sunbathing, eating ice cream and paddling in the river. Heres some of the photos I took, it gives you an idea of the area I live, hope you enjoy! 

Ashbourne had the bunting out for the Olympics

Clear Skies

Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream, with flake

Bridge over the river

Such clear water yet oh so cold!

My sunbathing vantage point

The Stepping Stones at Dovedale, so much fun, just make sure you don't wobble off into the river!

I love the sunlight on the water

A Mummy Duck and her babies

And then off to see Batman with me! I hope Bruce Wayne likes my outfit! Meow!

Emmie xo

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lookbook: Boots are made for walking...

Vest - Topshop
Cardigan - Topshop
Belt - H&M
Jeans - Topshop (Baxter)
Boots - Rocket Dog

So I wore this outfit when we were having some patchy weather here in the UK, although to be honest we havent really had good weather until the last few days. I'm starting to take more photos now of my outfits, getting into better habits for my blog I suppose. My nails are actually silver tipped french manicure since I fancied trying something different.

I hope you're enjoying my blog so far. I've hit the 7 month mark now which is the longest I've ever kept a blog for! I'm quite enjoying posing my style as it keeps me on top of my own style, makes me more creative with my outfits instead of just throwing on the same thing all the time.

Do you have a blog? Post me a link so I can come and see what you do!

Emmie xo

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Think Good Thoughts

I want to take a moment away from all the fashion and outfits on today’s post to just share a thought I constantly have and would love for more people to get involved in. Your attitude can have a HUGE effect on other people’s moods and feelings. How you feel, act and treat others can make or break your own and another’s day, so be positive. It’s so easy to be negative and bad in life, so much more so than the good, however if you focus on the positive you will actually find after a while your mood lifts, you smile more and other people smile more. So I thought I’d share a few things that always help me feel more positive. 

1) @PosPositive ( - ) If you are on twitter they are lovely to follow, they post inspiring links and positive quotes that can always lighten your day. 
2) My Friends. A constant stream of giggles and advice. 
3) Smiling. Did you know if you put a smile on your face even if you don’t feel positive, after 30 seconds your body releases endorphins which lift your mood. So smile like you mean it and watch the cheer catch and become infectious to all around you! 
4) This Poster. Mainly because it is the truth. There is always something good in every day. 

Poster from here
5) Music. a Good song can cheer me up no end, and again singing out loud will help lift your spirits. Heres some of my favorite uplifting songs.

Colbie Callait’s - Think good Thoughts
Olly Murs - Dance With Me Tonight
Dragonette - Let Go - 
A Fine Frenzy - Blow Away
Newton Faulkner - People Should Smile More

What makes you Positive?

Have a great weekend!
Emmie xo

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lookbook: Holiday Style - Turkey

Dress - ASOS
Bag - Matalan
Watch - Vivienne Westwood
Shoes - Topshop

Last stop, Turkey. We did Ephesus and Bodrum, both of which were stunningly beautiful and exceptionally hot (approximately 40C). So needless to say when we had done our trips out for the day I spent most of my time in the pool to cool down. I wore this outfit to dinner one night and had been so excited about wearing the dress as its so bright and colourful for me. I'm not usually as daring as I have been recently with colour but I am loving it.

Pillars in Ephesus

The road to what used to be the Harbour and the Library at the bottom.

The Library


Flowers in Bodrum Castle

The turret of Bodrum Castles Church

The View from the Top

The Bay, doesn't the water look so inviting?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Alberta Ferretti: Pre Spring 13 RTW

I have another Pre Spring 13 collection today. I'll only be showing you 3 altogether, but they are designers I like. In Alberta Ferrettis case I find all the designs really wearable, and there are several looks I’d love to re-create, the 3 below especially caught my eye.

The fabric looks luscious and the colours are all wearable pastels and brights, mixed with neutrals making it a collection that everyone  should find something they like.

Which looks do you love? 

Emmie xo

Images from Vogue UK and therefore do not belong to me

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lookbook: Holiday Style - Greece

Hat - Warehouse
Sunglasses - Ray Ban
T-Shirt - Warehouse
Belt - H&M
Shorts - Forever 21
Trainers - Rocket Dog

So I've nearly made it through all my holiday snaps and pictures of my style while I was out there. It seems like so long ago now and yet it's only been two weeks, but reality has to set in at some point. I wanted to get my shoulders covered up on these days because i thought i might have burnt them but i still wanted to be able to tan my legs and with us doing a lot of walking (around 20,000 steps on the counter for Santorini) trainers were my first point of call.

The steps up to the Acropolis, surrounded by Olive trees.

The view from Halfway

Outside the first modern Olympic Stadium. Ready, Set... GO!

Sunrise over Santorini

A nice view I spotted

The Classic Blue painted dome roofs that you think of when you think of Santorini

The town we explored, its amazing how all the houses and businesses were built into the cliffs.

The donkeys. Poor things I felt so sorry for them as they had no shade and we couldn't see any water left out for them in the 35C heat.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Review: Ambre Solaire Golden Touch

I thought I'd share my opinion on Garnier Ambre Solaires' new Golden Touch After Sun. The sales point is that it is a "Shimmering hydrating lotion with Monoi oil and a luminous pearl shimmer". Well for me it did not disappoint. It helped moisturise my skin, calm down any sunburn and gave my skin a light golden shimmer that only enhanced my tan.

I will admit that when I brought it I had only decided to try it because it was on offer in Tescos and I needed a new bottle of after sun for my holidays, I wasn't expecting to be as pleasantly surprised. It has a light silky feel, smells pleasant and it quick to absorb, the only problem I found was that the shimmer would rub off onto your clothes slightly so would not be a product to wear with certain colours.

Have your ever tried this product? What did you think?

Emmie xo 

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Lookbook: Holiday Style - Formal Night

Dress - Warehouse
Belt - H&M
Clutch - ASOS
Shoes - Topshop
Bracelet (not seen) - H&M

Days at sea on the cruise ship normally meant formal nights, a chance to dress up and be a bit glittery. I chose to go bright but not overly dressy, as I'm not a dressy kind of person. I sound this dress and wore it the week before the cruise for the wedding I went to. 

Days at sea normally meant time to relax and recharge your batteries from all the trips and exploring you did while you were on the islands. So lots of book reading, sunbathing and swimming in the pool. There were so many activities on board though that if you still had some energy left you could go and do something inside to be out of the sun.

Looking down onto the atrium, there were two performers singing this night.

We had a deck party, lots of good music (or the Euro cup on the big screen if dancing wasn't your thing) and dancing until the early hours.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

June Nails

Jubilee Nails
Union Flag - OPI Dating a Royal, Essence nail care Tip painter, Barry M 150 Red Glitter
Red - OPI Thanks so muchness

OPI - Bubble Bath

Maybelline Express Finish - Irridesent Glitter

 Topshop - Pool Party

Orly - Green with Envy

Emmie xo

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