Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Lookbook: Helsinki

Topshop Orange Spotted Shirt, Topshop Black Leigh Jeans, Asos Bag, Primark Open Toe Studded Flats, Michael Kors Watch.

So this is the last of my outfit posts from my holiday {vacation}, I hope you have enjoyed reading all about my adventures and seeing the photos. I'm so glad I have done these posts as it will be really nice to look back on.

I wore this on the boat in the evening after Helsinki; I wanted something comfy as all the walking I had done over the previous 2 days around St Petersburg has completely worn me out. I fell in love with this Topshop shirt the moment I saw it. I have a thing for shirts to begin with but I adored the bright colouring and bit polka dots, it just looked so fun! I took all 3 pairs of my Topshop Leigh jeans away with me; the super soft fabric makes them extremely comfy they are almost like a second skin on me I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of skinny jeans who doesn’t like a thick stiff fabric.
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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lookbook: LBD

Black French Connection Prom Dress (similar), H&M Necklace, Asos Cross Bracelet, Warehouse Box Clutch, Asos Heels.

Formal nights on the cruises are a great excuse to dress up and have fun. I took this year’s cruise as an opportunity to have a feel to my outfit so I based as a modern day ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ because I think Audrey Hepburn can do no wrong and that film is wonderful. So I pulled out an old black Prom style dress from French Connection and swapped pearls for pearlescent jewels for my modern take on Holly Golightly. The Cage shoes were new from Asos and I am still wearing them in, I feel maybe 4.5 inch heels are a little too much for me but my stubbornness means I will keep trying to wear them, just for short periods of time or when I have to sit down a lot maybe.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Church of Resurrection on Spilled Blood - St Petersburg, Russia

Day two in St Petersburg for me was a walking tour to the Church of Resurrection on Spilled Blood. The weather was blazing hot and I had to make sure I was covered sufficiently to be allowed in the church so unfortunately not the most comfortable of days. We started our walk at the Field of Mars, which is a beautiful open space and you can just see the church above the treeline. Our guide told us all about the local area and some history. We took a walk down some of the canals and past the palace where one of the Tsars was assassinated to a park and then took some time to do some souvenir shopping at a lovely store which had everything from your cheap fridge magnets to thousand pound Matryoshka dolls {Russian Dolls}.

The church itself is an incredible sight, colourful and grand down to the roof tiles. Every inch of the building is decorated and the inside is an incredible feat when you learn that the walls are not painted but mosaic with minuscule pieces that took 2 people one year to make 1 square metre of the walls. It always amazes me that hundreds of years ago they could build works of art out of architecture without all the modern conveniences of architecture that we have now. Apologies for the photo heavy post on this one but I thought it wouldn't do any justice without them.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Lookbook: Neva

Topshop Hat, River Island Long Striped Jacket, Topshop Chain and Ribbon Necklace (similar), Warehouse Silk Mix Vest Top, Kate Spade Bag, Topshop Vintage Wash Leigh Jeans (similar), Primark Flat Peep Toe Shoe.

For my cruise along the waterways of St Petersburg I wore my trusty jeans and flats. I wasn’t really sure whether the boat we were going to be on would be warm, sheltered or stable to walk on so I took the safe option. I put on my long striped jacket for a little insulation against the wind, while the weather was warm during the days the evenings in the Baltic still dropped a little chilly with the wind. I decided to dress it up with my chain necklace and bright Kate Spade handbag and donned my hat. I am a huge hat fan and I really don’t wear them enough, this one is a new shape for me.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lookbook: Peterhoff Palace

H&M Patterned Shirt {I also like this one}, Topshop Denim Button-up Skirt {similar}, Police Sunglasses {similar}, Michael Kors Watch

So as you can see the good weather followed us to St Petersburg which was excellent for walking around the grounds on Peterhoff Palace I wanted something lightweight but acceptable for sightseeing so I chose to wear my denim skirt and this lovely printed tee from H&M as it is wonderfully lightweight in the hot weather. I wore my Police sunglasses in an aviator style mainly because I knew we were seeing sights and they are prescription if I am honest rather than as a fashion statement.

Please excuse all the bits around my neck we had audio boxes to listen to the tour guide and I forgot to take my cameras lanyard off as well but to see more photos from around Peterhoff Palace check out my post here!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lookbook: Tallinn

Vintage Wrangler tee, Seiko Watch, H&M Belt, H&M Shorts, H&M Bag White Converse All Stars

Tallinn is a beautiful city and on the day I arrived the weather was just as beautiful so I donned my favourite shorts comfy converse and headed out to explore. I loved this look it was so comfy in the scolding hot weather yet suitable for lots of walking around the old town and the tee covered my shoulders which were already a little red from so much strong sunshine.

My tee is somewhat of a family heirloom, it used to be my Mamas when she was my age but about 10 years ago I nicked it. I can’t believe it still looks like new after all these years; I’ll be a little upset when it finally gives in. All the items in this post I have owned for a while {two of which are over 40 years old} but never worn together before so I am pleased with how the look turned out, it felt very me and I have worn it again several times since.

Check out my Tallinn Photo Diary for more pictures of this wonderful city.
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