Saturday, 31 August 2013

York, UK

I love York, it is such a beautiful city. The history and architecture, quaint cobbled streets and winding shopping alleys. I went up earlier in the month for a change of scenery as I think you can get too fed up with going to the same places over and over so I snapped some photos to share with you. 

I didn't end  up buying anything but i had a wonderful time. I used to go up all the time when my sister lived there but now she is back home I go maybe every other year. The shambles were full of German tourists on this day so I didn't get to go down them so I went up to the minster instead and sat on the steps soaking up the atmosphere on the square by the tea rooms.

1 comment :

  1. Really wish I could afford to go travel through cities like I used to with my train pass. Gorgeous photos, I think it is lovely you always look for fresh places to visit.


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