Saturday, 3 August 2013

Peterhoff Palace - St Petersburg, Russia

Peterhof Palace was my first stop on my St Petersburg. I’m a huge fan of country houses and Manors in the UK so the idea of seeing the palace really appealed to me. Peterhoff was the summer palace to the Tsars and contained a mixture of Baroque and Classical but the opulence of the baroque rooms are the most difficult to forget. Gold gilding adorned the walls, china figurines and mirrors from floor to ceiling to give the illusion of space. Unfortunately photography was not allowed inside the palace so I can't share that with you today, but I was in complete awe of it all.

The gardens followed the grandeur of the inside with a waterfall cascade running from the house to the river, urns, statues and fountains. It was absolutely stunning and I wish I could have spent more time exploring the gardens but unfortunately I was on a guided tour and they whisked us from place to place pretty quickly. I’m glad I got to see it as it is definitely one of the prettiest places I have visited and while everyone says to go to the Hermitage but I would recommend Peterhof.

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