Saturday, 24 August 2013

Helsinki, Finland

Now I probably didn’t give Helsinki the attention it deserves but after 2 very full days in Russia, very little sleep from a bit of partying on board the ship and the heat, that let’s face it we Brits are not used to I was exhausted. We walked into Helsinki town centre rather than catch the shuttle and then up to the Temppeliaukio Church or Rock Church finished in 1969 which is an incredible piece of architecture. I took a walk back into the main are via a Hard Rock CafĂ© for a cool drink and got snap happy on the way.

I did a little souvenir shopping for gifts in the market by the harbour which had some amazing jewellery pieces and a photographer that had some wonderful shots he had taken of the town in all seasons and turned them into prints, magnets and postcards though unfortunately his piece that I brought doesn't have his name so I can share it with you. I seemed to find there wasn’t much to Helsinki other than the few tourist spots and shopping, which unfortunately I couldn’t do with my family in tow but we did come across Helsinki’s Love Locked Bridge. I was ecstatic because I had heard about the one in Paris but I had never seen one myself and now I want to search them all out, so if you know where there is one let me know.

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