Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Lookbook: Peterhoff Palace

H&M Patterned Shirt {I also like this one}, Topshop Denim Button-up Skirt {similar}, Police Sunglasses {similar}, Michael Kors Watch

So as you can see the good weather followed us to St Petersburg which was excellent for walking around the grounds on Peterhoff Palace I wanted something lightweight but acceptable for sightseeing so I chose to wear my denim skirt and this lovely printed tee from H&M as it is wonderfully lightweight in the hot weather. I wore my Police sunglasses in an aviator style mainly because I knew we were seeing sights and they are prescription if I am honest rather than as a fashion statement.

Please excuse all the bits around my neck we had audio boxes to listen to the tour guide and I forgot to take my cameras lanyard off as well but to see more photos from around Peterhoff Palace check out my post here!

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