Saturday, 12 January 2013

Celebrity Doppelgangers

So last weekend i talked about using style by inspiration to help in the quest for your own style. Today I'm going to talk about the second technique i use, Celebrity Doppelgangers.

So last Saturday we talked about Style by Inspiration, this weekend I'm sharing part two of finding your style in the lines of Celebrity Doppelgangers. Celebrity Doppelgangers are people in the spotlight with a body shape and height similar to yours. They are to be your reference for how to wear your inspired style, which skirt length is best? Should you wear tailored styles? What boots go best with those jeans? You can use them for all sorts of style inspiration not just clothing. If they have a similar face shape and features, how they wear their make-up and hair can be taken into consideration. If they have similar natural colouring to you what colours will possibly suit you.

I think its a good idea to look at why you like your doppelganger too, not just thinking that you want to emulate their style. Do they dress, Classic, Romantic, Dramatic, Athletic, Girlie, Laid-back? I tend to find my style varies between Laid-back, girlie and classic with the occasional slightly dramatic twist, so I picked my doppelgangers based around these ideals.
It’s important to me not to try to copy their style exactly but use aspects of it to generate your own look and style. I mean what is the point of being an exact doppelganger for someone else when you are so wonderfully unique yourself right? So mix and match and add large quantities of your own personality to the mix. Some of my style doppelgangers include Lauren Conrad, Alexa Chung, Emma Stone, Olivia Palermo and Taylor Swift.

Who would you use as your celebrity doppelgangers? 

Emmie xo


  1. Lauren Conrad is very similar to me I think, she's quite a small lady with shape but not extreme curves. I love this 'celeb doppelganger' idea!

    1. I think its an amazing way to see if something will work on you. Most of us look up to celebs and how they dress, why not use them to make sure we don't so many make mistakes?


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