Saturday, 26 January 2013

13 for 2013

So at New Years I told you all I was starting a "Bucket List" or set of challenges for the year instead of a set of resolutions. While I still do not have all 13 I have my main 12 and am going to get started on them. So today I thought that I would just share them with you because I will be keeping you all informed as to how I am doing.

1)            Visit another continent

2)            Complete college qualification

3)            Learn some new recipes

4)            Run a 5K

5)            Enter a photographic competition, challenge or both

6)            Learn a new language or re-learn an old one

7)            Take a couple of guitar lessons

8)            Do something for charity

9)            Give up Tea for Lent

10)          Research the family tree

11)          Work to become a good salon manager

12)          Do something you have never done before (not on this list)

Have you got a bucket list? What is on it?

Wish me luck and feel free to track my progress using the 13 for 2013 label,

Emmie xo


  1. Love this idea, will have to write my own. I've done the 5k on a treadmill it took me aboutttt 30 mins.

    1. I'm glad it has inspired you! :)

      I'm hoping to do the Race for Life this year, that way i do my 5K and some charity work done at the same time.


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