Sunday, 3 November 2013

Brooklyn - New York

The second day I had in New York was spent exploring Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn. When I was planning my trip and what I wanted to do in NYC Brooklyn had been high on my bucket list. Maybe it was all the years of watching gossip girl, maybe it was to see the difference between all the high rises and the brown stones or maybe it was just because I could look back on Manhattan in wonder but Brooklyn was on the list and for me it did not disappoint {and yes I did spot the Humphreys loft which made me all the more giddy}. Streets of beautiful buildings, tree lined streets, open spaces and of course the bridge were all high lights for me.

We walked back to Lower Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge which was unfortunately covered in places as they repaired and reconstructed areas of the bridge but the views you could get off of the bridge were incredible. I feel incredibly lucky to have seen the wonderful sights of New York and I have pretty much made a pact with myself that I am going to spend nearly every penny I earn on travel from now on so I can go back and see more.

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