Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Central Park & Grand Central - New York

On the Sunday we were in New York I visited central park and after 2 days of running from north to south and back again I’ll be honest it was nice to have a relaxed day without trying to cram in a load of sightseeing. From the hotel on Broadway we crossed over to 5th and walked up to the park. I made a mental note of shops I wanted to visit on the way back {Tiffany’s anyone?}. It seemed strange that you have this huge huge park in the middle of all the concrete and even how quiet it went when you got into the park. We walked up the east side to the Met and back down Madison so I could hunt out a Kate Spade store before going to catch our boat for our river cruise.

Grand Central was probably the final highlight of my trip. I never expected the vastness of it and it actually makes me upset that train stations in the UK aren’t as beautiful as Gran Central. People bustle past you running from place to place, couples and their parties are having wedding photos taken in the spectacular marble halls and the ceiling, oh the ceiling… I can safely say I fell in love. I always take a moment wherever I go to pay close attention to floors and ceilings they always seem to have the most attention to detail yet they are always the bits most people miss. 

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