Thursday, 21 November 2013

November Wish List

So now that I have exhausted all my New York photos and dreams of travelling I guess I really had better get back to posting outfits, beauty posts etc. So today I am going to share my wish list for the next few months. November always ushers in the start of the winter season for me as it is the final month of autumn and the weather in the UK always turns a bit odd (It is either freezing but sunny or raining but warm).  So here is my November wish list

1.  A Red Coat - Currently I'm crushing on this Zara red coat but I have ordered one from ASOS as well so I can compare and decide which I prefer. I have always wanted a red coat but I have never found one that the style and colour matched the vision in my head. These two are close so we will see which wins!

2. Jacquie Aiche Stackable V Ring - I have had my eye on this ring for a while, I love the simplistic design as I feel it could be worn casual or dressy. I will probably treat myself to it out of the money I made from my Ebay sales, it feels good to sell on some bits that I no longer want and get something new that I do instead.

3. New PJ's - I am a sucker for PJ's in the winter. The only thing I want to do is come home from work get in PJs and curl up with a DVD (glamorous right?). I have a voucher for £10 off at Next and at £26 minus the discount these Flannel Button up pyjamas will probably be keeping me cosy over the winter months.

4. Knee High Black Heeled Boots - I'm not sure why but I have had a fashion craving for some nice heeled boots which fit sleekly to my legs so I can wear them with tights or tucked in denim. My friend recently gave me some dark brown ones she doesn’t wear anymore so I think I’ll give them a go first to see how I get along with some so I can take my time searching for the perfect pair.

5. A Winter Dress – I love wearing dresses in the summer and I would love one that I can wear in the winter with tights and boots. I’m not sure whether I will end up with one because as a general rule I tend to wear jeans all winter until about March {other than the odd night out}. Currently I love Zaras Lingerie inspired dresses for the lace trimmings and tartan check prints.

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