Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A little bit of me..

Hello again,

This last week has been quite slow for my I'm afraid, though it has given me chance to re-evaluate things in my life. January is always the month I normally try to turn a new leaf and get things sorted, so there has been plenty of running between banks and scouring the internet for where my money is better off. In today economic climate I suppose you have to try to get your money working for you rather than it, and all that jazz.

I went to watch 'War Horse' at the cinema at the weekend and it’s a wonderful film. It made me laugh, Cry (well nearly) and have that wonderful feeling on happy satisfaction that only well written and shot films can give you. It really pulled me into its story, if you get the chance go and see it.

So a bit about me, just so you know what you're getting into.

I love crafts. Any kind really, I like to try it all. Baking seems to be my latest venture, with the aim that I will be able to make lots of varieties of cupcakes with different toppings and in lovely flavours. Card-making and paper-crafts are my favourite craft du jour, mainly because I can spend hours winding down from work thinking up new designs for my cards and incorporate old bits of ribbons and buttons, it becomes a reduce, renew, reuse project at the same time.

I'm a dreamer. There's not much to be done about this I always will be. Fairy tales are always so much more exciting than reality so who wouldn't want to live there? (Even if it only is in your head) Books and Films allow me to really dive into my imagination and dream big. Whether its disappearing into the back of a wardrobe or down a rabbit hole, dreaming is a brilliant escape.

My friends are my life, and I can't stand that we don't get to spend more time together but that’s growing up. You move on with your life and hope that you get a few hours together every now and again. I'm not the greatest fan of social networking and smart-phones for this reason as I tend to find people are too busy checking their phones for what is going on elsewhere than spending quality time with who they are in the room with.

Fashion is a passion of mine. It’s amazing how fashion can be a driving force for so many other industries' as well governing beauty, hair and even design. I got into fashion late, so to speak, and it’s taken me some time slipping on the icy edges before finding styles that suit me and feel truly have that feeling of me in the way I dress and not losing to having to have the 'in' thing to feel up to date. Later in my blogging days I may start sharing pictures of this and see what everyone thinks.

Well I don’t want to bore you so I will leave it at that for now.

Thanks for reading,

Emmie xo


  1. I totally get what you mean about growing up and not having time for friends, it is a shame but every one is doing the same thing I guess.

    As for fashion I've only in the past few years discovered who I really am style wise, despite always having a vast interest in fashion/textiles.

  2. Yes though sometimes i feel like your true friends you don't always need to see to stay close. I feel very blessed to have a few people like that in my life.

    I think for me i felt like i'd been a different person to fit into my friend group in high school, so after having left for a while i thought it was time to find out what i actually liked. I can to believe there is no point in changing yourself to have people like you, if they don't love you for who you are they aren't true friends.

    Thank you for following. xo


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