Sunday, 30 December 2012

December - This Month I Loved...

December is a month where you can get easily stressed out and overloaded but hopefully you have managed to find some positives. Here are mine for december
 Christmas and all the Trimmings – Yes Christmas. Possibly a bit obvious that this would be a positive for December but you have to love getting a day off to spend with loved ones. For me though this year, it’s all about the build-up too. Putting up the tree and dressing it with baubles and lights, hanging your wreath on the door, making mums advent calendar and filling it with fun treats, wrapping gifts to give out, making cards for my nearest and dearest and sending cards, going on Christmas outings with friends., Candy Canes, warm drinks, Christmas dinner, having the family over, festive songs.  Whether it’s because my friends have all had children in the last few years but the magic seems to have returned. The Joy on their little face as they meet Santa, even though they don’t quite know who he is yet, just fills me with cheer.
Helping A Friend In Need – There is something about helping a friend who is down. Lending kind words and encouragement. I mean, if you were in the same situation as them wouldn’t you like someone to tell you how amazing you are, how you can climb any hill, how though it hurts now the pain will fade in time? Doing something selfless or without any personal gain is really rewarding in its own little way and it says that you care.
Laughing So Hard You Cry – or your stomach hurts. Either way laughter really is great medicine. And by this I do mean laughing because something is funny and not at the expense of someone else. I’ve had a fair few of these moments this month, including when I was recanting the story of a moment that was so funny to someone I worked with that I laughed all over again until we were both in complete and utter hysterics. Laughter lifts the spirits, boosts your immune system and helps get rid of the stress hormone that makes us look older so we have no excuses to have a good laugh every now and again.

What did you love in December?

Emmie xo


  1. Awwr these are all lovely, I especially liked the helping a friend in need. Girl you so sweet!

    1. Thank you. I'd want someone to be there for me if I was going through a tough spot so I'm always more than happy to be there for a friend in need.


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