Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Come Fly With Me...

I know I should probably be getting excited about the jubilee and the upcoming bank holiday weekend but I just can’t help myself… I’m more excited about my holiday. I love it when holidays roll round when you’ve been looking forward to them for so long. Unfortunately I have a million things to do over the next week and a half including travelling 200 miles to go to a wedding, coming home and travelling the other direction 150 miles for some work training, and with work every day surrounding those journeys and other commitments its going to be busy.
However I am making my life easier by making a list of things I want/need to take with me so that I can just pack it all up the day before and go! Drama free. So today I thought I’d share my holiday check list with you so that when you decide to go you can use it as a guideline if you like.

2 Weeks Travelling Somewhere Warm.

  • Basic Tops – Vest Tops, T-Shirts, Bandeau's, Tops that you will wear during the day that are light and airy so you won’t overheat. Try to choose neutral tones light white, cream, grey and black for the majority of them so that you can wear them with all the different bottoms you take. I try to pack a 2:1 ratio of tops to bottoms.
  • Dressy Top - Something to wear to dress up jeans or skirts for an evening.
  • Cardigans – Lightweight for when it drops cooler in the evenings.
  • Skirts – Ideally pack skirts that don’t wrinkle and crease easily.
  • Shorts – The same idea as the skirts really but for windier locations so you don’t risk your modesty or for when you’ll be doing something more active. I’m also taking a pair that I can dress up for the evenings.
  • Daytime Dress – Something you can throw on over your swimwear is best.
  • Evening Dress – For when you go out in the evenings, or if you are cruising for formal nights when you have to dress up. Something that you can accessories different ways to change up the look.
  • Jeans – For travelling and cool evenings.
  • Jacket – Again for travelling or for accessorising and evening outfit to dress it up and stay warm in the evenings.
  • Oversized shirt – As a beach cover-up, worn tucked into a skirt, to dress up jeans for an evening out. A shirt will get you through a lot of situations.
  • Sandals – Plain for day and jewelled for evenings.
  • Heels – To wear with your evening dress or to dress up a casual outfit for evenings.
  • Trainers – For when you’ll be on active day trips or doing a lot of walking and wearing on the plane. You might also consider a boat shoe or a brogue for walking if it suits your style better.
  • Swimwear – Whatever style you prefer, take 3. As you’ll probably live in them if you’re on the coast or have the opportunity for swimming and water sports (or maybe even a spa?)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat – for extra protection if you are fair skinned or prone to sunburn like me.
It’s quite a list to think that’s just the clothing to consider. You then have to pack toiletries, sunscreen and after-sun, styling tools, make up and everything you need to start your journey (Passport, Money, Travel documents)

What do you pack for holidays?

Emmie xo

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hobbies: Cardmaking

I thought I'd share one of my hobbies with you today. I consider myself a creative person and to wind down and relax I tend to do something creative, i especially love making cards. They're only simple but there is something so relaxing about considering the best colours to go with each other and the many different stamps, punches and embellishments you can use.

I prefer a simple vintage style, and I love working with stamps because there is something so therapeutic about hitting the paper with the stamp. I also love giving my cards to people and i think they appreciate the thought that has gone into making a card especially for them. 

My friend runs a hamper business and she's just offered to start selling my cards for me, as I mentioned I'd made more than I have people to give them to, so this way I can carry on making and getting a small amount of money to buy new paper and tools. I'm looking forward to making some cards for the Jubilee, its time to get patriotic!

Do you enjoy crafting? Let me know what you love about your crafting hobby.

Emmie xo

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Lookbook: Empire of the Sun

Hat - Warehouse
Bracelet - H&M
Sleeveless Shirt - Topshop
Culottes - ASOS
Bag - Topshop

I met my friend today for an outing to a tea shop that had just opened in the village next to hers, and this is what I wore. What looks like a skirt isn't its culottes, which for those who don't know is a sort of cross between a skirt and shorts, which is the best compromise on hot but windy days. Got to love them.

British weather has finally decided to give us some sunshine and the weather got up to a glorious 26 Degrees, which made me very happy. After all the dull a grey cloudy weather we've been having lately I'm really glad of some sun. We walked over and had some tea, which came in lovely china cups and with its own tea pot, and then walked up to a field that a local man is turning into a sort of petting zoo. My friends baby boy loved it, he went crazy for the alpacas and shetland ponies, I think it may be the cutest thing I've seen. 

Emmie xo 

Monday, 21 May 2012

Hair: I'm now blonde(er)

I took the plunge the other day and went quite a lot blonder on my dip dye. I will admit I'm loving it. I've never really done anything drastic with my hair, I've either gone redder or darker, never lighter. My plan is the i can experiment with funky colours to change up my look and make it a bit youthful and playful since normally I feel like I play it too safe. I just need to decide what colour I'm doing first, currently turquoise is at the top of the list.

What do you think? What colour shall i try?

Emmie xo

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tutorial: Half-Moon Manicure

Since my April Nails post I’ve had a few repins on Pinterest of my Half Moon manicure I thought I’d do a tutorial. So here it is!

You will need;
Base coat
Top coat
2 Nail polishes in colours that complement each other
Page hole Re-Inforcers 
1) Clean your nails from previous polish, file and shape them into a shape and length you like and apply base coat to your nails.
2)  Paint a coat of polish onto your nails. This layer of polish will be your half-moon colour.  Let the polish dry for a few minutes.
3) Get your hole re-inforcers ready I brought clear when I got them because they were cheaper than the white ones so unfortunately not great to show you this on.
4) Place the re-inforcer over your nail so it only covers the lower part of your nail. I have outlined the re-inforcer on the photo so that you can see how I place mine.
5) Paint the top half of your nail, you can paint onto the re-inforcer slightly just don’t go below it or paint the entire nail or you won’t get the desired effect.
6) Let your nails dry for a few minutes before carefully removing the re-inforcers. Paint a coat of Top Coat on and you’re good to go!

Experiment with colour, I think I’ve done pretty much every colour combination I can think of since discovering this technique. Light colours in the half moon dark on the ends and vice-versa. Personally I’m a fan of doing metallic for my half-moon as it’s a subtle way of wearing the trend.

What do you think? Will you be trying this out? If you do send me a link so i can see your wonderful creations!

Emmie xo

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Lookbook: Leopard Print Scarf

Scarf: Oasis
Jumper: Oasis
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Primark

I went out for a family meal and wore this outfit. I wanted to work out a way of wearing my Leopard Print thin scarf because for the last few years it had been decorating a bag. I saw a girl wearing a scarf a similar way and decided a neutral based outfit with tan accessories would help piece together a finished look.  Once again I'm struggling with the Hype Widget so my look is HERE

Emmie xo

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Met Gala 2012 - My Picks

Last night was the Annual Met Costume Gala, or Met Ball. Held every year in New York to celebrate the Metropolitan Museum of Arts new exhibition this year honoring Elsa Schiaparelli and Miuccia Prada. Its Fashions 'Night of Nights' where celebrities and designers alike get dressed up to attend the exhibit. 

Everyone is always going to have favourite celebrities and outfits but these are my picks.
 Emma Stone in Lavin, Carey Mulligan in Prada, Jessica Alba in Michael Kors
Ashley Greene in Donna Karan, Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne both in Burberry Prorsum, Jessica Biel in Prada

Who's Looks did you love?

Emmie xo

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lookbook: Ashes and Wine


This look can be found on Lookbook here, as I'm having problems working out how to get the widget to work. if anyone can help me understand it I'd appreciate it.

I like simple looks. I'm happy to dress up when I'm going out but jeans are really a center point to most of my outfits. I put this look together as a relaxed going out style with the idea of being dressy but comfy.  Please ignore my silly smile, my photographer was making me giggle with jokes. 

Hat: Topshop
Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Topshop (Baxter)
Shoes: Barrats

Hope you like it. I was going to try to borrow my dads watch to wear with it but no such luck unfortunately, i think it would have finished off the look perfectly.

Emmie xo

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

April Nails

My way of helping to express who I am is normally displayed discreetly but in full public view. Maybe its because my workplace has a strict black only policy for uniform, i love to paint my nails bright colours and attempt patterns. I'll admit I'm not brilliant at doing them all the time but having colours on my nails helps me feel more, me. I almost fell naked if i don't have my nails painted, so i thought i might share a sampling of what I had on my nails in April.
Silver - Topshop 'Starlight'
Teal - Topshop ' Pool Party'

Grey - Topshop 'Hopscotch'
Lilac - Topshop ' Parma Violet'

Coral - Barry M '318 Peach Melba
Gold - Topshop 'Heart of Gold'

Nail Rock Nail Wraps in 'Neon Purple'

Green - Barry M '304 Mint Green'
Lillac - Topshop ' Parma Violet'

Hope you enjoy them and maybe it inspires you to try something new. If you do something different with your nails I'd love to see

Emmie xo

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