Sunday, 27 May 2012

Hobbies: Cardmaking

I thought I'd share one of my hobbies with you today. I consider myself a creative person and to wind down and relax I tend to do something creative, i especially love making cards. They're only simple but there is something so relaxing about considering the best colours to go with each other and the many different stamps, punches and embellishments you can use.

I prefer a simple vintage style, and I love working with stamps because there is something so therapeutic about hitting the paper with the stamp. I also love giving my cards to people and i think they appreciate the thought that has gone into making a card especially for them. 

My friend runs a hamper business and she's just offered to start selling my cards for me, as I mentioned I'd made more than I have people to give them to, so this way I can carry on making and getting a small amount of money to buy new paper and tools. I'm looking forward to making some cards for the Jubilee, its time to get patriotic!

Do you enjoy crafting? Let me know what you love about your crafting hobby.

Emmie xo

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