Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tutorial: Half-Moon Manicure

Since my April Nails post I’ve had a few repins on Pinterest of my Half Moon manicure I thought I’d do a tutorial. So here it is!

You will need;
Base coat
Top coat
2 Nail polishes in colours that complement each other
Page hole Re-Inforcers 
1) Clean your nails from previous polish, file and shape them into a shape and length you like and apply base coat to your nails.
2)  Paint a coat of polish onto your nails. This layer of polish will be your half-moon colour.  Let the polish dry for a few minutes.
3) Get your hole re-inforcers ready I brought clear when I got them because they were cheaper than the white ones so unfortunately not great to show you this on.
4) Place the re-inforcer over your nail so it only covers the lower part of your nail. I have outlined the re-inforcer on the photo so that you can see how I place mine.
5) Paint the top half of your nail, you can paint onto the re-inforcer slightly just don’t go below it or paint the entire nail or you won’t get the desired effect.
6) Let your nails dry for a few minutes before carefully removing the re-inforcers. Paint a coat of Top Coat on and you’re good to go!

Experiment with colour, I think I’ve done pretty much every colour combination I can think of since discovering this technique. Light colours in the half moon dark on the ends and vice-versa. Personally I’m a fan of doing metallic for my half-moon as it’s a subtle way of wearing the trend.

What do you think? Will you be trying this out? If you do send me a link so i can see your wonderful creations!

Emmie xo

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