Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Come Fly With Me...

I know I should probably be getting excited about the jubilee and the upcoming bank holiday weekend but I just can’t help myself… I’m more excited about my holiday. I love it when holidays roll round when you’ve been looking forward to them for so long. Unfortunately I have a million things to do over the next week and a half including travelling 200 miles to go to a wedding, coming home and travelling the other direction 150 miles for some work training, and with work every day surrounding those journeys and other commitments its going to be busy.
However I am making my life easier by making a list of things I want/need to take with me so that I can just pack it all up the day before and go! Drama free. So today I thought I’d share my holiday check list with you so that when you decide to go you can use it as a guideline if you like.

2 Weeks Travelling Somewhere Warm.

  • Basic Tops – Vest Tops, T-Shirts, Bandeau's, Tops that you will wear during the day that are light and airy so you won’t overheat. Try to choose neutral tones light white, cream, grey and black for the majority of them so that you can wear them with all the different bottoms you take. I try to pack a 2:1 ratio of tops to bottoms.
  • Dressy Top - Something to wear to dress up jeans or skirts for an evening.
  • Cardigans – Lightweight for when it drops cooler in the evenings.
  • Skirts – Ideally pack skirts that don’t wrinkle and crease easily.
  • Shorts – The same idea as the skirts really but for windier locations so you don’t risk your modesty or for when you’ll be doing something more active. I’m also taking a pair that I can dress up for the evenings.
  • Daytime Dress – Something you can throw on over your swimwear is best.
  • Evening Dress – For when you go out in the evenings, or if you are cruising for formal nights when you have to dress up. Something that you can accessories different ways to change up the look.
  • Jeans – For travelling and cool evenings.
  • Jacket – Again for travelling or for accessorising and evening outfit to dress it up and stay warm in the evenings.
  • Oversized shirt – As a beach cover-up, worn tucked into a skirt, to dress up jeans for an evening out. A shirt will get you through a lot of situations.
  • Sandals – Plain for day and jewelled for evenings.
  • Heels – To wear with your evening dress or to dress up a casual outfit for evenings.
  • Trainers – For when you’ll be on active day trips or doing a lot of walking and wearing on the plane. You might also consider a boat shoe or a brogue for walking if it suits your style better.
  • Swimwear – Whatever style you prefer, take 3. As you’ll probably live in them if you’re on the coast or have the opportunity for swimming and water sports (or maybe even a spa?)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat – for extra protection if you are fair skinned or prone to sunburn like me.
It’s quite a list to think that’s just the clothing to consider. You then have to pack toiletries, sunscreen and after-sun, styling tools, make up and everything you need to start your journey (Passport, Money, Travel documents)

What do you pack for holidays?

Emmie xo

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