Saturday, 5 January 2013

Style By Inspiration

So its a New Year. We have all probably over-indulged, laughed endlessly and then had to get back to life as usual after tidying away all our festive decoration. For me a new year includes an overhaul of my life, new beginnings, including my style.

Finding your own style can be troubling, fun, confusing, time consuming and expensive. All those items that you buy and realize are a mistake. I have found a two ways to help in the never ending quest for good style, Style by Inspiration and Celebrity Doppelgangers. Today I'm going to talk about the former.

Style by Inspiration, or Inspiration boards are becoming more and more popular, images boards of items that you like. Nothing is off limits you can add fabric, magazine images and personal photos of places or people absolutely anything that sparks an instant interest or reaction. If you over analyse your images you won’t get a board that is true to you and your style.
Once you have your mood board complete then you can analyse your images. Look for reoccurring themes and work with them. I use my Pinterest to store pictures of people whose style I like on one board and have other boards for images that inspire instantly. Another good site to use for gathering images of style you admire is

What techniques do you use to inspire your style? I’d love to hear from you.

Emmie xo

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