Thursday, 31 January 2013

January 13 - This Month I Loved...

Suffering the January Blues? These were the things that perked me up this month.
A Small Change To Your Head - I got my hair coloured at the start of this month and it really is true what they say, a small change to your head can make a big change to your heart. Feeling good about how you look can give you so much confidence, I don't know whether it is because I am a hairstylist by trade but I always feel that unless my hair looks good it wouldn't matter how pretty my clothes are or how well applied my make up is I just wouldn't feel confident. I went blonder again this time as I have been getting so many lovely compliments on how well it suits me, normally I'm a copper or burnette kind of girl but I am throughly enjoying my beach-y blonde locks. 
Music is Food for the Soul - and my soul loves anything where you can hear the guitar. I actually picked up my guitar for the first time in months again this month and its incredible the muscle memory in my fingers will allow me to play chords I was expecting to have to re-train them into, this brought a small smile to my face. Music if I remember reading correctly is proven to lift your spirits, so if you are having a bad case of the January blues stick on your favorite upbeat CD and have a dance round your room and sing and the top of your lungs I bet you feel better again in no time.  
Winter White - We have had a fair amount of snow in the UK this month and I love snow. It makes the air fresh and crisp and makes everything looks so fresh and pure. It gives a feeling of the holidays (even though they were 4 weeks ago) and gets kids outdoors having fun and away from their computers and gaming systems! If you aren't a fan of the snow it give you an excuse to snuggle up inside with a blanket, plenty of hot drinks and a loved one. 

What made you smile this January?

Emmie xo

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