Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tutorial: Basket Weave Nail - Inspired by Rodarte SS13

So a week or so ago I posted about those beautiful nude basket weave nails by Rodarte as seen on their Spring Summer catwalks and I had a go at recreating them. It is quite simple and I hope you will have a go and if you do you will share your results with me.
1 - Start with clean nails and apply a strengthening base coat to nails.

2 – Apply a nude or neutral coloured nail polish to nails. I used OPI’ s “Don’t Pretzel My Buttons”.

3 – Take a roll of Sellotape and cut off a long strip suspending it on a surface that will not add fluff or dirt to the sticky side of the tape, I suspended mine over the roll as seen in image 4.

4 – Paint your length of tape with the same nude of neutral coloured polish you used for your base coat. Allow to dry fully before applying a second coat to your polish strip.

5 – Cut small lengths of tape and as you cut them start applying them to your nails in a criss-crossed fashion to form your basket weave. I did approximately 5mm strips and used about 4 strips per nail.

6 – Trim off the excess lengths of tape from the nail and buff the ends gently. Apply top coat to nails to seal in place and voila!

Show me your results and I may even post them to the blog!

Have fun,
Emmie xo

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