Saturday, 17 August 2013

Church of Resurrection on Spilled Blood - St Petersburg, Russia

Day two in St Petersburg for me was a walking tour to the Church of Resurrection on Spilled Blood. The weather was blazing hot and I had to make sure I was covered sufficiently to be allowed in the church so unfortunately not the most comfortable of days. We started our walk at the Field of Mars, which is a beautiful open space and you can just see the church above the treeline. Our guide told us all about the local area and some history. We took a walk down some of the canals and past the palace where one of the Tsars was assassinated to a park and then took some time to do some souvenir shopping at a lovely store which had everything from your cheap fridge magnets to thousand pound Matryoshka dolls {Russian Dolls}.

The church itself is an incredible sight, colourful and grand down to the roof tiles. Every inch of the building is decorated and the inside is an incredible feat when you learn that the walls are not painted but mosaic with minuscule pieces that took 2 people one year to make 1 square metre of the walls. It always amazes me that hundreds of years ago they could build works of art out of architecture without all the modern conveniences of architecture that we have now. Apologies for the photo heavy post on this one but I thought it wouldn't do any justice without them.

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