Wednesday, 14 August 2013


I am venturing into the scary world of Ebay and getting rid of some of my nice, still in excellent condition clothes. I have a wardrobe full of clothes I barely wear because I look at them and think I have had those years. My style seems to have changed a heck of a lot over the last 6 months which coupled with some weight loss has meant that some of the clothes I adore have to go because they are no longer flattering on me, which I am not pleased about since I can no longer get replacements for some of them. Some items are literally I brought and then 4 weeks later had that moment of "what was I thinking?!" when I pulled them out the drawers and realised I would never wear them.

So please feel free to visit my Ebay page. Unfortunately I only post to the UK as I don’t think I would be able to get cheap postage to other countries however if nothing sells I may have to re-think this and look into international postage. If anyone has Ebay and has advice for a girls first sales I would really appreciate it! The Items photographed in this post will be on my account tonight about 9pm GMT.


  1. I know the feeling on this, it is very weird to buy something then in such a short time wonder what you were thinking. I love your style though :) Wish I was losing weight :P


    1. I know i do that far too often. I think I see these things and think "oh I'd love to try that!" and then realise I am just uncomfortable in them constantly.

      Thanks hun I love yours too. x


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