Thursday, 1 August 2013

Lookbook: Tallinn

Vintage Wrangler tee, Seiko Watch, H&M Belt, H&M Shorts, H&M Bag White Converse All Stars

Tallinn is a beautiful city and on the day I arrived the weather was just as beautiful so I donned my favourite shorts comfy converse and headed out to explore. I loved this look it was so comfy in the scolding hot weather yet suitable for lots of walking around the old town and the tee covered my shoulders which were already a little red from so much strong sunshine.

My tee is somewhat of a family heirloom, it used to be my Mamas when she was my age but about 10 years ago I nicked it. I can’t believe it still looks like new after all these years; I’ll be a little upset when it finally gives in. All the items in this post I have owned for a while {two of which are over 40 years old} but never worn together before so I am pleased with how the look turned out, it felt very me and I have worn it again several times since.

Check out my Tallinn Photo Diary for more pictures of this wonderful city.

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