Monday, 29 July 2013

Lookbook: LEO

This outfit was a bit of a venture for me. I’m not normally a leopard print person as I have always felt that for some reason it doesn’t suit my personality as I associate it with ├╝ber-confident ladies with lots of sex appeal, I’m more a quietly confident girl who I think can be described as cute rather than sexy {and don’t get me wrong here I like the idea of being described as cute}. However when I saw this shirt I had to try it on, with a small amount of nudging from my mother, and so far I love it. I wore it out yesterday to a meal at a local gastro-pub celebrating that it is only 1 year to go until my friend’s wedding, which turns out was so she could ask the girls to be her bridesmaids, which I am so excited and honored to have been asked. 

I figured it was the perfect mix of casual but fun with my favourite neon colour popping Kate Spade bag dark was jeans and shoe obsession du jour in my Carvela Kad Sandals. I cannot tell you how much I love those shoes; they are so comfy and go with everything from jeans to dresses, casual and smart. They do them in white as well and I may have to go and get them too as I have worn these shoes so much since I got them they are basically a part of my feet now.

I also added my new Jackie Aiche finger bracelet which I adore, I love how it’s dainty but dressy and adds a boho vibe to my wardrobe. I have become obsessed with jewellery again recently especially bracelets and rings so I am constantly on the lookout for new sparkly pieces that I know I’ll wear for years to come, instead of buying cheap and getting bored and feeling like I wasted money.

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