Thursday, 18 July 2013

Lookbook: Oslo

H&M striped tee (similar), Topshop denim button up skirt (similar), Vintage Seiko watch (similar), Converse white all star shoe.

So I know this isn't the greatest set of photos for an OOTD but I kept forgetting to take photos at the start of the week so I had to compile this one from some of the snaps my family took, though they still sort of do it justice. When I packed for this trip I had no idea what the weather would be like because when you hear ‘I’m going to the Baltic’ you instantly tend to think of the cold weather despite the fact they can have hotter summers than the UK {not hard though normally}. So I packed a bit of everything.

The skirt which is from Topshop and I brought a few years ago but for the city and occasional strong breezes it was perfect. I paired it with a striped tee and my converse for a comfy look with a nautical feel, as stripes always make me think of sailing and the seaside.

For more from Oslo check out my photo diary here 

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