Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen was a little bit of a nightmare for my family on our trip, not because of the city but because our map was very primitive from the ship and didn’t have all the streets on it so we go a bit lost for an hour. It is a large bustling city built with waterways coming into the city, beautiful fountains and lots of traffic but is still incredibly clean even on the waterfronts. On our walk into the city from the port we took the scenic root so that we could pass ‘The Little Mermaid’ Statue inspired by Hans Christian Andersons’ fairy tales. I had been told to expect she was small but honestly I think I would have been expecting her to be as big as she was. The tourists do what we do best and clamour around tourist sights to get photos but I managed to get a few good shots that I’m pleased with.

Like Norway, Denmark is expensive for drinks I think we paid £20 for a tea, a latte, a hot chocolate and lemonade. On the way back to the ship we got caught in a torrential down pour and I got soaked to the bone. Next time I go north I will forget fashion and take a waterproof like my family just in case, my excuse was we had nice weather in the morning and I took my umbrella {which blew inside out in the wind} instead.

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