Saturday, 20 July 2013

Race for Life #13for2013

So if you have been reading my blog for a while {which I doubt because I don't have many followers, go me!} you will know that I am doing a set of challenges this year my 13 for 2013 and last weekend I completed another 2! Well, sort of. I did the Race for Life 5K in aid of Cancer Research UK with about a bizillion other women, girls, kids and dogs. My friend Claire and I entered as a way of keeping fit and doing something for charity. It was about 27C and there was very little breeze but armed with our water and factor 50 sunscreen we made it across the finish line in 44 minutes mixing walking with the occasional jog when we were in the shade. Afterward we treated ourselves to a cheeky Pimms and Lemonade and a picnic on the park with our friend Sally and her family who had all walked the race for her mum who is now 2 years cancer free!

It was so inspirational to be around that many people who wanted to do something good for others and there was a great atmosphere of camaraderie with people staying until the last person had crossed the finish line, which happened for be a woman currently fighting cancer who has walked the whole 5k holding hands with her friends. I sincerely hope she wins her battle, she is such an inspiration. I hope you enjoy the photos and if you haven't taken part in one before hopefully this will inspire you to take part next year.

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