Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Goodbye Google Reader!

I have noticed a lot recently blogged by my fave bloggers about Google Reader disappearing and other ways to follow their blogs. For me while I'm still working to understand all of the ways you can follow blogs but I have 2 main suggestions if you don't want to lose my blog and keep following {which I hope you will}.

1. Bookmark it! - Add my blog to your bookmarked websites so you can pop back and see what's been happening. Good, old fashioned and simple.

2. Bloglovin - Its been around for a while and I haven't made the best use out of it myself but I am remedying that. You go over create your profile and you can import all your blogs from google reader straight to it. I also have an icon to the right that will take you to my blogs profile on Bloglovin. You can choose to get e-mails with updates on so you can read your fave blogs straight from the e-mail or they also have an app so you can check your fave blogs easily on the go.

How will you be following your favorite blogs?

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