Friday, 26 July 2013

Qualification #13for2013

Another one on the check list! I completed my Assessors Award at college on Tuesday {subject to final marking} and I cannot tell you how good it feels to have completed my course. To know that I have another qualification behind me that can lead to some exciting new career opportunities within my current job or by changing all together. I’ve always hated the idea of sitting still and stagnating in my life which is probably why I do so many courses in my free time, this one has been the biggest thing I have done for about 3 years!

While I had my ups and downs on the course overall I really enjoyed myself. My mentor and Assessor were such a great support to me, I am so grateful for them. So what will I do next! It’s great to see things being checked off my 13 for 2013 list and this one was such a huge time constraint that now it is done I can move onto another one of my goals. Hope your 2013 goals are going well!

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