Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Oslo, Norway

So  I  am  finally  getting  around  to  blogging  about  my  vacation. The first stop on my travels this year was Oslo. It was incredibly beautiful, though the good weather always helps of course, especially since we had been told on sail day to expect cold weather. The first sight I got of Norway was the Fjords on the way up to Oslo and they are picturesque. Oslo itself is kept really clean and tidy; we didn’t see any graffiti of rubbish on the floor and it didn’t look dirty from pollution. 

The only downfall travelling to the Scandinavian countries is everything costs so much more than it does back home.
You could find yourself paying £5 for a cup of tea. I don’t know whether it’s because everything in the UK tends to look the same to me but the look of the houses and buildings were really pretty, I suppose it is just being somewhere different for a change. I had a really good walk around Oslo with my family; we even scaled the roof of the opera house and looked out from the top for a while and breathed in the fresh air. Perfect.

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