Thursday, 19 April 2012

SS12 Hair - Vintage Vixens

Retro re-takes are the second set of hair style trends that I noticed popping up on the catwalks. Which seems apt really since it’s the year of the Queens jubilee, everything you see on TV and in Magazines refers to it at the moment. So victory rolls, finger waves, rag curling and chignons are having a moment. I love the quirky looks that I see people adding to their everyday style by changing up their hair, and believe that hair can really make or break an outfit.

Victory rolls like the ones above work really well on any length hair, especially when it has texture. Styles that are held up with bobby pins will always lest longer if they have something to grip to so if you lightly tease/backcomb your hair in the places where you are pinning it will give it a really solid foundation for your style. 

Chignons are great for mid to longer lengths of hair, they are also known as rolls and can be either vertical (centre) or horizontal (sides). I found a couple of Tutorials on Horizontal rolls to help out from THE BEAUTY DEPARTMENT again a photographic tutorial and a video which is good for short hair. 

Let me know if you try these out, and send me pictures or links.

Emmie xo

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