Monday, 16 April 2012

Birthday Shopping Haul.

Yesterday I went on a girlie shopping day with my mum and sister to Nottingham. I had some birthday money to spend so I took myself into Topshop and treated myself to a few bits I’d had on my wish-list for a while.

I got myself a denim shirt, a white embroidered dress with a V-neck top, some white summer shoes and a pair of beige brogues that I thought would go nicely with skirts and trousers. Normally shoe wise I buy black but I decided I needed some lighter colours in my wardrobe for summer. I really love white for summer this year too, I seem to be buying lots of it.

I love the denim shirt because it is so soft and I can do an androgynous look or use it as a cover up in the summer tied at the waist. I may even try double denim looks to see if I can pull it off. My last treat was a nail polish called ‘Pool Party’ which made me think of the Tiffany box colour when I saw it, so I’m hoping to try a manicure I saw using that as inspiration now I have it.

Thats my birthday haul. Hope you like it. I'm really excited about trying to wear them every-which-way I can think of, I'll try and post some pictures when i do.

Emmie xo

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