Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Hello all! I figured that since I’ve taken up blogging it would be a good front to get some awareness out, and learn something for myself, about what we can all do to help our planet, especially since we only have one!  With Earth Day (or week, depending on where you live) coming up I thought I’d look into Eco-Friendly Fashion.

There are already many companies that support an Eco-Friendly way of producing fashion, and many celebrities that choose to only wear Eco-Friendly fashion. So what exactly is Eco-Chic?
From what I can gather from many hours of researching for this post on the internet, Eco-Fashion and Fair-trade often seem to go hand-in-hand, looking for the best ways to care for the environment, the working conditions and pay of the people making the products and the health of those who buy the product.
The clothes are usually made from organic materials, so that they are grown without the assistance of pesticides, and do not use harmful chemicals and/or bleaches to colour the fabric. They can also be made from recycled and reused textiles and even recycled plastic bottles. Clothes are also made to last longer, so that we aren’t throwing away clothes as often through poorly made or sourced fabrics.

People Tree are one such company that I have always know to do this, and more designers seem to be jumping on the band wagon. Orla Kierly, whose designs I loved at fashion week, does a small collection of printed dresses, skirts and tops for people tree, all environmentally friendly and fair-trade sourced.

Now if I have any of my statements here wrong please let me know.

What Eco-Fashion sites do you like? And how do you try to be ‘Green’?

Emmie xo

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  1. I'm a keen 'up-cycler', I re-use/alter unwanted clothing. People like something a bit different so learning not to throw away clothes but to change them saves money and the environment.

    LUSH make scarves to sell from their old bottles/tubs which look beautiful but are also eco-friendly :)


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