Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Lower Manhattan - New York

This post is mainly photographic; I’m never sure whether readers enjoy more photos or more literary content for me I’m more of a ‘pictures speak louder’ kind of girl. These are from my exploration around Lower Manhattan; we got up pretty early so we could miss a lot of the traffic with going on the Gray Line as the day before it had been a bit slow moving so the weather was still very misty and cold. We got off the Gray line at the 9/11 memorial stop and went up the street to have a look at Freedom Tower and the other new World Trade Centre buildings. It was all a little eerie for me, it seemed to go quiet as you turned the corner and there was a sort of stillness in the air.

We went down to Battery Park and the pier where there were rods set up for fishing with no charge which was drawing all sorts of folks in from young to old. It seemed to me a lovely thing to do and showed some sense of community to me, you even got a view of the Statue of Liberty as you fished. After this we walked back to the Gray Line stops via Wall Street to go to do the tour into Brooklyn.

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