Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lookbook: Armour

Warehouse Jumper, Warehouse Shorts, Kurt Geiger Sandals, Hard Rock Necklace, Vivienne Westwood Armour Rings, Accessorize Woven Ring, Ring from Santorini.

I have been experimenting with my style a little again and with the strange and unpredictable british weather taking us from hot to cold and vice versa in a matter of hours. I decided to try wearing shorts with jumpers. I have practically living in these Kurt Geiger sandals as they are excellent for being summer cool and transitional with the studded look.

I decided to keep the tougher feel by wearing both of my Vivienne Westwood armour rings. Silver accessories haven’t really been my thing lately; I’ve become more of a fan of gold accessories so it was really nice to wear silver again for a change. It was also nice to pull out some things I haven't worn for ages and get some use out of them.

I'll be off the blog for a little while as I am off to New York but I hope you will look forward to my posts when I get back from my adventures and of course a few more outfit posts.


  1. I had a thing for VW armour rings back in my late teens, such a great mixture of class and industrial. The outfit really suits you, completely envious of your legs too!


    1. Mm, yes VW Armour rings are the perfect mix of class and Industrial, I like toughening up girlie outfits with them. Thanks and Haha Thank you again. Never really thought of my legs like that x


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