Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Reluctant Wanderlust

So if you follow my profile on Bloglovin you will see that a new blog popped up a few weeks ago. I am going off on the adventure of a lifetime to Australia in September and figured setting up a blog to document my adventures would be a good way for me to remember it and for my family and friends to follow them. 

I thought ‘The Reluctant Wanderlust’ was a brilliant name for it really as I have always wanted to travel more but have been reluctant to because society tells you that you need a steady job, get a house and mortgage and settle down to have a family and kids but I have never really wanted that to be my life. The world is a big place and I want to see it.

This will mean this blog gets pushed to the way side really now as I won’t be able to take a great deal of clothing with me but I will probably make sure my outfits feature in the posts occasionally. Hopefully when I get set up with a job I can treat myself to some clothing items by Australian designers! If any Aussies read this please leave me recommendations (brands, designers, places to eat and places to visit, I like to get a feel for the local culture when I can. It doesn’t matter if it’s maybe off the beaten path if I get chance I will try to see it).

If you want you can visit my travel blog here and be sure to follow me on Bloglovin and GFC so you don’t miss a post. I’m always happy to receive comments so come have a chat too if you like.

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