Sunday, 19 May 2013

Help! I'm in a Rut...

Hello Blogger boys and girls. Sorry I know I said I was back form my hiatus but it appears life has got maddeningly busy again so I will try to post when I can but it will probably be very infrequent until I finish my course in the summer. 

So what has been happening? Well I’m planning a few changes to my blog which I’m hoping will make everything much easier to navigate and bringing the posting in a little bit more focused and personal and not so much like I’m trying to write a magazine article, though I may still keep my trend reports as I do thoroughly love researching them. Hopefully there will be a few more OOTDs too, so if you have been enjoying my blog please stick around to see the changes. 

Today however I’m hoping for a bit of help. I’m feeling stuck in a rut with my current shopping and style stores {especially since I seem to gravitate to the same stores constantly} so I am hoping you can help me! Please can you recommend some UK based retailers or Online shopping sites that ship to the UK for me to check out?

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