Monday, 3 September 2012

Lookbook: Summer in September

Scalloped Vest - Topshop
High Waisted Shorts - Topshop
Cat Eye Sunglasses - Oasis

Today has been an amazingly beautiful day. The weather in the UK has finally turned summery, granted its taken long enough to get around to it. So i've pretty much been walking around shoeless all day and getting to enjoy one of my favorite sensations of grass on bare feet. I was supposed to have a really busy day and when things changed I decided to sit in the sun and catch up on some reading. Perfect.

What did you do today?

Emmie xo


  1. Looking lovely, high waist shorts are love. I sat inside all day lol slightly knackered after a long day yesterday. :)

    1. I love these shorts, just find them a little too short sometimes. What did you do on Sunday then? I hope you had a lovely time.


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