Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lookbook: Buckingham Palace Road

Jacket – Warehouse
Necklace - Asos
Tee – H&M
Jeans – Topshop {Leigh Dark Wash}
Shoes – Converse
Bag {just seen} – H&M

Outfit of the Day post from when I was down in London. Unfortunately Britain has been a little unpredictable recently and even if you get sunshine it’s not been warm which is why I chose this outfit. The tee is a thin material which is perfect if it is warm and my jacket is two layers in one which is just enough to keep any wind off me, though it doesn't do much if I get soaked in rain. I topped it with my new white Converse for comfort as I knew I'd be doing a lot of walking.

I'll be posting a few more mini posts of things I did while I was down there over the next week or so, though I'll be honest most of it was food, I'm surprised I didn't put on loads of weight with all the patisseries I visited.

What is your favorite thing to do in London?

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