Monday, 30 December 2013

12 Days of Blogmas - 2013 Reflections

Looking back 2013 has been a pretty rubbish year for me all in all with certain parts of it completely broke me down and turned me into a shell of my former self for months on end. As a general rule I try to be a positive person taking inspiration from anywhere I can find so it has been really hard to get my mind back into a positive setting but I am sure 2014 will be much better for me with the things I am hoping to achieve.

Travelling was possibly the main highlight of my year and is always the time I feel most at home within myself I find it frees my mind and lets me see clearly and I have been fortunate enough to go to so many different places this year; though New York was definitely my favourite. I love big cities like London but New York was just a whole new level and I cannot wait to go back maybe I’ll get to in 2014. I have such a long list of places I want to visit and I'm going to narrow the list down and get a few more done hopefully next year and one of my resolutions should help with that.

My style has evolved again in 2013 and I’m so much more comfortable in my own skin now than I was when I started my blog. I have become more aware of what styles and colours suit me and how different clothes make me feel. I have always believed clothing should make your feel something; powerful, confident, sensual, playful, to me an outfit that makes you feel something is a perfect outfit. I managed to pick myself up some really nice designer pieces, classic and statement, this year too that I can see myself wearing for years to come, a few are pictured above. In 2014 I would love to pick up some more pieces that will stand the test of time and as I only tend to buy items that I absolutely love it shouldn't be a waste of my hard earned pennies either.

What are your 2013 reflections?

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