Friday, 3 January 2014

12 Days of Blogmas - My Favorite Apps

Carrying on with my 12 days of Blogmas and partly because  I am running a little low on ideas for the last few posts here are my favourite apps for the iPhone and iPad that I am addicted to and use regularly.

I use this app all the time for editing posts and Lookbook pictures. You can get a large choice of frame layouts and even add filters to individual frames. I mainly use it to edit my Lookbook posts so I can make sure they are all about the same size and easily replace photos until I am happy with the result.

This app is my additction. I can’t get through a day without checking this app now. From checking out other bloggers posts, getting inspiration, keeping on top of my favourite stores, keeping up with friends posts and playing my photo a day game by @fatmumslim my life revolves around this app. If you have it leave me your username so I can come check yours out!

I can’t help but want to pin. It’s a problem; I am a pin-a-holic. The app makes it so easy to check my feed, create, delete and edit boards and pins on the go. For me I use it mainly for inspiration and its often more about the image for me than the link or wording under it as I am a very visual person. You can find my boards here.

Enough said really. An online store that does hundreds of different labels with a app to make shopping easier, my bank will ban me from it soon if I’m not careful. Having the app makes it so much easier to track the new in stock which I tend to add to my wish list until I find a discount or it comes into the sales, I also find doing it this way means when I look back on it sometimes I find I don’t like that top/skirt/dress/shoes as much as I thought I did on first impulse.

Photoshop Express
This app has made quick editing of photos before putting them on the blog a dream. I’ve never really been able to get an app I find simple and easy for photo editing but PS Express has made my life a bit easier.

I'm going to end my '12 Days' here as everything is getting a bit fluffy for my liking and i'd like to start going back to my normal content but do tell me what your favourite apps are?

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