Saturday, 18 January 2014

... Because I'm Happy!

Photo : Pinterest

The way I measure how I feel is by how positive I react to things so I have been looking back on the blog and realised I didn’t do hardly any positive posts last year, which for me is saying something. Part of what I want my blog to be about is spreading good vibes and lifting people up because it seems to me that more people are satisfied with being negative than taking a little energy to be positive.

So, because I know January is a bit of a blue month for most of us with Christmas being over, staying in to recover from Christmas overspending and little hope of sun for at least another few months {maybe longer if you live in the UK} , I thought I would share a few songs that make me feel like smiling. So get up, have a sing, dance like no one is watching and smile!

Train – 50 Ways to say Goodbye {ok so the lyrics can be interpreted but the melody is catchy}

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