Friday, 17 January 2014

Hair: How To Avoid Split Ends

When I started my blog I didn’t want to talk about hair as I wanted to have this blog as a bit of an escape from my work but I saw an advert on TV a few nights ago that has made me change my mind. I won’t name the advert or company but I found it misleading as it claimed their product would “cure split ends”. Any good hair stylist will tell you there is only one cure for split ends; cut them off. A product will only temporarily fix the split by sealing it but will come back again the next time your rinse your hair.

A few good ways to reduce the risk of getting split ends are;
  1. Always use conditioner. Split ends are often a sign of dryness in hair not weakness like most people believe so a good conditioner is essential to your hair care. Conditioner is only supposed to be used on your mid-lengths and ends so even if your hair oily hair you should use conditioner. If you can try to dry your hair a little before conditioning, I keep a flannel in my shower to dry my lengths without stepping into the cold; this means you will get more impact from your conditioner as it won’t be as watered down.
  2. Never brush wet hair, use a wide tooth comb. Your hair is more delicate when it is wet and the small teeth on brushes and fine tooth combs add more strain to your hair if it is knotted. Start combing from your ends and work your way up to your roots getting all the knots out before moving up the hair making sure not to pull. If you can brush your hair with a soft bristle brush before going into the shower too to help take some of the lugs out first.
  3. Always use heat protection. This is probably for me the biggest cause of hair damage. The average woman will straighten their hair over 120 times every year and if you add to that a lack of using heat protection when you blow-dry/straighten/curl/heated roll your hair and you are causing some serious damage to your hair.

I hope this helps, I’m going to do a few hair posts this year and even start road testing more products so hopefully everyone will enjoy that.

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