Saturday, 11 January 2014

H&M Concious

 I noticed this initiative before Christmas but hadn’t had chance to do anything about it before this week as everything was so crazy. By the till in my local H&M they have a big box for you to deposit up to two bags of old clothing {it can be “worn, torn or hopelessly out of fashion” according to their flyers} in exchange for 2 vouchers for £5 off in store and for every kilogram of clothing they donate money to the British Red Cross.

How it works is that is that anything that can be re-worn is marketed as second hand goods, anything that can be reused because they are no longer suitable for wearing are converted into other products such as cleaning cloths. Textiles that can’t be reused are recycled into textile fibres or manufacturing products and if none of the previous methods can be done they are used to produce energy.

You can only collect 2 vouchers per day and they only accept clothing items at the moment. My vouchers have a 6 month expiry date on them at the moment which is great and gives me lots of time to use them up as you can only use 1 voucher at a time and must spend at least £30 before you can use it. For me it will also count towards my resolutions of de-cluttering and recycling, bonus.

 For more information on H&M Conscious visit their website and their charity site.

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