Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hair Review: NanoKeratin Smoothening System


So last weekend I had the NanoKeratin Smoothing system done on my hair and I thought I’d do a little write up on it. It’s designed to smooth down frizz, recondition and make hair more manageable, apparently the worse the condition your hair is the more you see and feel the effects. It isn’t a straightening service so if you are considering having it or something similar keep this in mind, so if you have curly hair you are still able to wear it curly. My hair is dry and damaged on the ends from all the bleach I had on them last summer and without straighteners is really fuzzy.

The process took just under two hours to do and you have to maintain it for 3 days after without rinsing your hair, getting it damp {this includes steam so a shower cap is essential} and it must be kept straight so if you wake up with a kink it needs straightening out. You aren’t allowed to tie your hair back at any point during the three days either.

I wrote down my thoughts on the process during and after so you get an idea of how it feels for me.

During the process;
The process seems really simple; my hair was washed 3 times with a special shampoo and then rough dried until it was bone dry. My stylist then sectioned off my hair and applied a small amount of NanoKeratin solution to my hair and combed it through to make sure it was distributed evenly and then left it to develop. Then the product was blow-dried in giving my hair a little of its normal volume, though not as much as I would have liked and each section was straightened 8 times. This was probably the worst part as it burnt off excess product and became a little smoky, so my eyes got a little watery when my stylist did the bits around my face. My hair feels really soft already completely different from the dry ends I’m used to and I don’t feel like I have product on my hair which is a good start to the three days.

On day three;
Honestly my hair feels really gross but then why wouldn’t it? I haven’t been allowed to wash it. I am lucky in that my hair doesn’t get greasy too quickly but I still feel desperate to wash it. It’s looked very flat and poker straight for the last two days at least but I’m just excusing it as a Spring-Summer 14 trend. On washing my hair for the first time with the special shampoo and conditioner it still feels pretty lank and definitely lacking my normal volume. The shampoo didn’t lather up much so I found I needed to do tow shampoos to make it feel half clean. The condition does feel better it feels less dry and after just rough drying my hair I can already tell its drying smoother and I have a lot less fuzz than I normally would.

After one month;
My hair is still drying really smooth with very little effort, the volume has returned to what it was before so I am still using all the same styling products to create volume but thankfully it hasn’t flattened it. My hair still feels softer than it did before having the treatment which I am grateful for as I was getting a lot of damage and because I don’t have to straighten my hair as much now I’m suffering a lot less heat damage than I used to. I’ve gotten used to the shampoo as it still doesn’t lather up but if I leave it on for the 2 minutes required once I have dried my hair it still feels clean. I love the conditioner for NanoKeratin as it is so light but my hair feels incredibly conditioned when it is all rinsed off.

I hope if you are considering this treatment after reading this it gives you an idea of what is involved. 

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