Saturday, 3 May 2014

Shop My Closet: Depop

So normally when I do a Shop My Closet post it is because I am selling on eBay but this time its because I have signed up to Depop. I'm still having a mass wardrobe clear out and I will still list things on eBay but I really just need to get rid of stuff so I figured its a good  idea to have them up more than one place. If you are on Depop follow me here.

I first found out about Depop on Instagram when blogger Chiara Ferragni (aka The Blonde Salad) was promoting it on her feed so I signed up and sort of forgot about it for a while. Recently though I've been getting really annoyed with eBay so when my work colleague said she was selling on it I thought I'd give it a go. Its very simular to Ebay in that fees are 10% of your total sale (Yes including on postage, cheeky beggars) but you don't pay anything to list your item and your item stays live in a format a bit like Instagram. People follow and like your items like Instagram too, you set your price but I have found a lot of users will ask if you can do it cheaper so know what you want for your items and which you are willing to deal on.

I don't know whether its a good idea to just list everything on my blog as well in case anyone wants anything. Do you use Depop? Where would you normally find new fashion finds? If you know somewhere I can list to help me sell these items please let me know. I think it will help if I can figure out cheap ways of posting worldwide so if any UK peeps know how you do it so I can investigate.

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