Friday, 20 June 2014

Travel - Corfu, Greece

Kalispera from sunny Corfu! I'm currently on a weeks vacation to this beautiful Greek Isle and I needed it. I didn't actually know how much I needed it until the second day in, when it was clear that relaxation and contentment have been so far out of my life for a while that when I thought I was relaxed back home I really (really) wasn't. I knew I had been becoming a little pent up ball of rage, frustrated with everything and getting so wound up by little things at the snap of fingers but coming here I feel so zen.

Corfu is beautiful. Green and lush, fragrant flowers which granted aren't great for my hay-fever but look stunning and cool calm blue waters. The relaxation seems to have only been increased by reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Currently I'm over halfway through chapter 1 and reading her journeys through Italy. It's been interesting reading Elizabeth's story because in so many ways I feel I can relate to her (minus the divorce and romance before leaving for her journey) but her feelings on travel are pretty much the same as mine, with one quote in particular (which I now can't find) that made me laugh as I have been saying something similar for years. I may find it again and highlight it despite the fact I have never highlighted a book in my existence but there are so many parts of this book I want to highlight and come back to its untrue. I think it will be my new vacation book now. 

This book has made me look at my life the way Liz did in the beginning and ask myself "What do you enjoy about life? What would you want to enjoy in life?" It is actually making me crave life again, and food. Though luckily for me I got this craving day two when I was reading section 27 about her trip to Naples which coincided with Italian food night at the hotel, though the hotels take on Italian food will never be as amazing as the food I got in Rome from this restaurant, seriously their pasta is to die for.

I will leave you with a few photos of my trip so far and if you have managed to make it this far past my babbling well done. I'll share more stories as usual when I get home and can shift through all my photos.

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